Welcome to What (is) Medieval?, a radical, interdisciplinary seminar series delivered entirely online…

This virtual seminar series is designed to provoke thoughts on what we mean by the period and all its associated definitions and connotations. What really is “medieval”? Promoting a global and interdisciplinary perspective inclusive of academics, independent scholars, professionals and practitioners alike, the aim is to take on the much-needed challenge of breaking down the calcified disciplinary boundaries that shape medieval studies today. 

How are we different to other seminar series focussing on “medievalism”?

Answer: very. We are determined to drag the Middle Ages away from any previous “Dark Age” connotations or suggestions that the era was barbarous or regressive, or even associated/fetishised with “otherness”, to illustrate how critical curiosity of the era has been received, imagined, invoked, used, missed, abused, and refashioned in the Medieval, Early Modern, Modern and Contemporary periods. Our aim is to breakdown disciplinary, geographic and other boundary limits, and examine the dynamics of the medieval/neomedieval in the realms of representational, perceptual, pedagogical and historiographical practice over the last 1,500 years or so.

Run via Zoom, the seminar series is then uploaded to our YouTube channel, so that those unable to engage on the specified date can watch.

The series organisers are Dr Claire Kennan and Dr Emma J. Wells.